What is a Responsible & Knowledgeable Breeder?

Did the puppy’s breeder produce the litter responsibly or irresponsibly? Did this breeder have the right knowledge to make this decisionYellow_dog_reads?

A responsible and knowledgeable breeder will breed dogs only if both dogs have been genetically screened for inheritable genetic health problems, and have been found free of such problems.  A responsible breeder will not breed closely related dogs that have been found to be or are suspected to be carriers of a genetic problem.  All breeds have genetic problems, but the type of genetic problem can vary from breed to breed, and the occurrence of these problems can also vary from one breed to another. 

A responsible and knowledgeable breeder will breed two dogs only if they have excellent temperaments; they are not shy, aggressive, hyperactive or nervous.

They sell puppies from their home, and never place their puppies in a pet shop or give them to a puppy broker to sell on consignment or at an auction.

They participate in other activities dog related besides breeding; i.e. conformation, obedience, agility, rescue, dog clubs, etc.

A good breeder will give you the names of other responsible breeders as references, and not just a list of “happy puppy owners”, who probably know less than you do about what makes a breeder mediocre or excellent.  Serious thought needs to be given to this, as your decision to buy from a particular person will affect future dogs and their owners.  The person who you buy from will most likely breed again, because they have been rewarded with money.  Buy only from someone who has done all the right things; someone who you would be proud and confident to own a puppy from and who deserves to be rewarded and encouraged.

Of primary importance is to look for a breeder that produces quality over quantity. You may know of kennels that breed many litters per year and surely they have some dogs with outstanding show careers and titles; simple laws of probability pretty well assure that.  How are the offspring of these dogs doing in the show ring? Are they also a good example of breed type, soundness, and have they passed all of their health testing requirements? Seek out the breeder that has few dogs , but all of excellent quality. This is a sign of a superior breeding program achieved not by the probability of numbers in dogs, but by knowledge, an excellent eye for breed type and soundness, much care and attention to the health issues of the breed, and plenty of sacrifice, because the monetary facet of breeding has played no role in the total scheme of things.

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